Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow, time sure does fly

I just realized that it's been a long time since I posted here. So I thought I'd take some time and update the couple of people who once watched this (and have likely lost interest in the last several months.)

Over the summer, my wife and I finally had the stand up in front of everyone wedding, on our one year anniversary. All kinds of things went wrong, and others went right, but nothing went as planned. We didn't get any sleep that night, because we had to leave early that morning and it took all night to get packed and everything in order to be gone for two weeks as my in-laws sent us to Mexico for our honeymoon.

Mexico was a lot of fun, even though I picked up a nasty virus after the end of week one and was sick long after we returned. It was my first trip out of the county (visiting Vancouver BC when I was three doesn't count) and my first time flying in a plane. I thought that watching the wing flaps move was fun, my wife, the seasoned traveler had to use the little white bags they give you for motion sickness issues. She found it ironic. It was very hot and humid, but oddly bearable. The only issue I had was that Diet Coke tastes funny in Mexico (besides being sick that is.)

I tried to get through calculus last fall, and was out of sync all quarter. I was sick the first week, and I'd not taken any classes during summer because of the planned trip and planning the wedding, so I was out of the habit of doing homework. I didn't fail, but I didn't pass either (D is now my least favorite letter.) This quarter I'm getting my English 105 out of the way (and doing much better.) The calculus series that's offered in the evenings will not be available to me until next fall, so I'll fill in with other things until then. I may even take English 205 next quarter if I'm not sick of english already (and if I do then I'll be done with english classes!)

And I'll finish with the best news that has happened since my last post here. In January, after dragging her feet for months, my ex wife and I went into court and entered an agree on change in custody. I am now the custodial parent of my kids. The only sticking point was she didn't want to pay child support, she didn't get out of it, but has yet to make a payment. If she doesn't start soon then someone at the Office of Support Enforcement will end up making her life unpleasant.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to update more often in the future.

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Mattbear said...

Awesome news, man. Congratulations!