Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sometimes socializing can be a challenge, and there is an upper limit to how much of it I can do in a day. This Memorial Day weekend contained a good balanced amount of socializing, but I was still a little overloaded at the end.

We stayed home Friday night, and Saturday was pretty lazy. We went out Saturday night, dinner at Billy McHale's and then dancing and drinks at the China Clipper. Sam's favorite band was playing at the China Clipper (which is why we went.) We had fun, and she had a bit to drink. It's nice to be with someone who likes to dance again.

Sunday we stayed in bed too long again, but we were able to get everything together to go to Collin and Ria's for a BBQ. Spent hours with my friends, who all really like Sam. This makes me happy, as they didn't approve of Robin, and they were right about her. One thing I've learned is to trust my friends when it comes to others motives and whether it's a good idea to have anything to do with someone.

We again stayed in bed late on Monday, but we did get moving before we were too late. Sam's mom and step-dad had a BBQ and we had to get out to Gold Bar for that. It was fun for the most part, even if there were people there that I didn't know well yet. The sun was too bright, but I was able to deal with that some.

I learned something, when you make it clear that you don't want to do something, you still sometimes have to do it. Sam's mom's best friend just signed up to sell Mary Kaye products, and she did the sales pitch thing. I didn't want to have to put stuff on my face, but I had to do it anyway. I sometimes have troubles understanding what's being said, and I was told to put down the little game I was stimming with. Soon after my ability to fully understand what was going on was gone and I could grasp what we were doing. So Sam did everything for me. Problem is what ever she put on my face made it start to itch all over. So I started to scratch, a lot. They had me try to wipe it all off, but that only helped a little. Even now it itches a little, but I'm able to distact myself some.

I was able to get a little bit of Runescape in before bed last night. But not enough, I really need my downtime. I'm rocking back and forth, got my knee bouncing and have Peace and Love Inc. on repeat and I'm still not able to focus on anything for long.


I must be crazy, cuz here I am starting another blog on another system.

Oh well, the plan with this one is to only write here about things having to do with Autism.

Whether it is something that happened to me, something with my son, or something going on in the world, as long as it relates to autism in some way I'll blog about it here.

And this gives me an account here so I can try to keep up with a couple of old friends who moved their blogs here and don't visit where I spend much of my time anymore.